Where ? This virtual one hour tour will take you anywhere you wish from Aix en Provence to San Remo including
in famous Monte-Carlo

Private Virtual Live tour with your guide Sylvie who will show you the best aspects of her amazing region.
With fun and thorough comments, let her take you to the most breathtaking and most interesting sites

Decide with Sylvie when you wish this tour, and with who to share it.
Interact directly LIVE with her using your microphone and ask her as many questions as you wish.
Enjoy her bubbly explanations and her wild culture.

To offer the best quality of tour, Sylvie will use a new gimbal and will peacefully explore the areas you have neverbeen to before with clear commentaries. Respecting the nature and the sites is part of our sustainable policy for 2021

Any site is possible, the choice is your, the only limits are your imagination and curiosity:
Here some suggestions:
The Old Nice, a medieval village with its castle, world-famous Principality of Monaco, Cannes and its renowned Film Festival, a modern art museum such as Picasso, Matisse or Chagall, the scenic Corniche roads betweenNice and Monaco…

Please find here more excellent guides operating great virtual tours in France and in Europe:

In Provence : Marlène Boyer at http://www.experience-provence.fr/
In Slovenia : Mateja at http://www.sloveniaguides.si/sl/partners



DURATION OF TOUR 45’ to 1,30 hour depending on the tour
WHEN TO ENJOY THEM ? They are scheduled throughout the year, any day of the year
WHAT DO YOU NEED ? An up-to-date preferably computer or tablet, a good internet connection and a comfortable place to relax
WHO CAN WATCH THEM ? Although they are private, you may share them with who you want
HOW MUCH DO THEY COST ? Approximately €100-€150 depending on the tour
HOW DO THEY OPERATE ? With HD live-streaming and a zoom platform with a microphone for your question
HOW DO YOU PAY AND WHEN ? By Paypal at the latest one week before the tour
CANCELLATION POLICY You may cancel until one week before the tour without any penalty
HOW DO YOU BOOK A TOUR ? Please send a request by mail indicating:
                        ✔︎ which tour you are interested in
                        ✔︎ when you are available for the tour
                        ✔︎ the time frame you prefer (45’, 1 hour, 1h15’, 1h30’…)
                        ✔︎ some details about yourself to personalize your tour

Please note:
✔︎ Sylvie’s pace will depend on what you wish
✔︎ Her price is fair with no commission to any intermediary
✔︎ Share the tour with who you wish only, stay in your bubble while discovering
✔︎ Decide when you want to tour, the length of the tour and its pace