After growing and studying in near-by Provence, I decided that the French Riviera would become my new playground and I have been guiding here since 1983.
This is when working became a real passion!

After 14 years of intense work for the main Destination Managing Companies (DMC) of this region to build up my own experience, I decided to create my own association of fully licensed and experienced guides to increase the quality of professional guiding.

Since 1998, we have been welcoming many of the 6 million annual tourists enjoying our beautiful corner of the world with enthusiasm and a great smile.

Most of them still remember us, became repeaters, and send us their relatives with proud and raving comments. Many of our previous guests have even become very close friends.

……… Join the group !!



  • My middle name is « Flexibility »; therefore my tours are perfect for visitors in need of special care and attention, in addition to a maximum level of flexibility.
  • I will always offer and never impose any suggestion; you will always have the last word.
  • You will tour only with who you want, and stay with « your own tribe » for more fun and privacy.
  • Every tour proposes you a travel into time with the history of each town, a deep cultural inside of the region since the greeks and the romans, and the discovery of the French local patrimony.
    Being a licensed guide by the French government since 1983, I can tell you the fascinating history of the region starting 2, 600 years ago, or make a detailed visit of any art museum from St Tropez to Menton or even make you enjoy the local wine and famous gastronomy of Provence.
    Eating in a fine restaurant and tasting our delicious wine can be quite a fun way to discover our local richnesses!
    It all depends on what you prefer!
  • You will tour only with me and not with John, Paul or Peter that you do not know. Contrary to big companies, you know that I will be meeting and guiding you, not a driver you do not know with sometimes poor English, no knowledge of the area and no experience.
  • You can communicate directly from beginning to end, and you can ask me my advice anytime.
  • You always get my personalized attention from beginning to end, because I am a “one person company”. You deal with me and no one else.
  • If you are on a cruise ship docking a few hours, my private tours are the best way of discovering as much as possible in your time frame without risk of missing the ship. Remember that when I take you back to the ship, the tour buses are far behind us because they cannot go the direct way I drive so I always beat them back to the port.
  • Enjoy your tour with me with no stress nor rush because I have never missed a single ship in my long career.
  • I know every nook and cranny of the French Riviera and most of its « off the beaten tracks » fabulous sites.
  • I am an expert in avoiding traffic and long lines, it is more fun for both of us!
  • Being a French native, I love to explain what French people are like and why they differ from the rest of the world. With me, the « French Paradox » will not be a mystery anymore and you will get the answers to many questions you have always wondered about the French such as: why do the French close their shutters every night, why do they say « Bonjour » and « Au revoir » when entering a shop, or why local waiters will never bring you the check to your table… and many other questions you surely have about the French.
  • I like to share my knowledge about the French way of life, the long French history, our traditions and habits, from how to buy and drink good French wines to how to wear a scarf in many different ways.
  • I speak fluent English, Spanish, Italian and a bit of French!
  • My French sense of humor and smile are included in the price of the tour! No supplement for them.
  • Whatever you want to buy from France, just ask me and I will know the best place where locals go to such as myself.
  • Should you need a suitable accommodation or the perfect restaurant, just ask me, you can trust my expertise.
  • All my tours are private and non-smoking, but you can add others guests to come onboard with you as long as you all agree on where to go.
  • I am recommended by all the most reliable guide books, and tourism professionals such as TripAdvisor, Rick Steves, CruiseCritics, Lonely Planet, Frommers, Fodors, Beoglobe, Infohub, etc.