Where ? This tour will take you from your hotel to the North Western part of the French Riviera, in Upper Provence

The tour starts with a approximately 90 minutes drive to Upper Provence through Grasse and St Vallier de Thiey on the « Napoleon Road » he used in 1815 after his first exile.

Then to La Palud sur Verdon for a tour for a coffee stop and visit of the charming Provencal village. Next will be the famous native town of earthenware of Moustiers Ste Marie used by the kings of France and its old legends.

Possibility of lunch there in a charming restaurant or just a snack or a picnic.
After lunch, drive along the spectacular Southern bank of the Verdon canyon, known as the most famous in Europe.
Many stops for pictures will be enjoyed.

Then a drive to the lavender fields of the Lake de Ste Croix where hardly anyone ever goes to with amazing views with the lake.

Return to your hotel using the motorway as much as possible through Upper Provence for 90 minutes..

Please note:
✔︎ Many stops will be made for pictures and interesting explanations
✔︎ There will be a few steps and narrow streets to walk in the Medieval town of Moustiers Ste Marie, please wear comfortable shoes
✔︎ Picnic is possible with great views of the lake and the lavender fields
✔︎ You may wear shorts during the whole tour
There will be no entrance fees in this tour This is a rather long tour of 10 hours, please plan enough time with no commitment that evening
✔︎ I do not recommend doing this tour on a rainy day: other options will be offered